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How to Access Web File Manager
Last Updated 2 years ago

Step 1: Please open your web-browser from Google Chrome and type in the URL link.


Step 2: Next, enter your MySolano username and password and then select “Sign in.”


Step 3: If you see this pop-up “Trial Version” message, please disregard and click “Ok” to continue.


Step 4: Once in Web File Manager, you should see your “Folders” on the left side of the page with the name granting you access to open and view. Click on the [+] icon of each shared folder name to view all available files within each specific shared drive/folder. Once you find the document or file that you’re looking for, please double-click on the file name and then select “Download.” By “Downloading” the file, you’re now able to view or make changes to the document. Please also get in the habit of saving commonly used files to your OneDrive when you sign in to your employee email from Outlook on Office-365. By saving files to your OneDrive, you have anywhere and immediate access to your data on-the-go.


Reminder: If you need to make any edits or changes to one of the documents or files from the Web File Manager, please make sure to “Upload” the new version so that it reflects the most recent changes. Failure to upload any modified or updated files will not reflect the most-up-to-date document that is shared amongst others.

Note: If you need to share a file from Web File Manager, please download the file/document to your computer or any available folder. Then open your email and include it as an attachment before sending it.

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